My experience with migration to github pages

Posted on March 15, 2015
Tags: github, blog, jekyll
by Sanchayan Maity

I generally tend to search for a few things randomly and in the process come across good blogs, which are worthwhile visiting regularly. In the last few months, I was coming across pages on the domain and they had such a simple and catchy layout. A very good example is this blog which I stumbled while searching for code related setup in Emacs.

I absolutely loved it. Last month I started looking into what exactly was it all about. After going through some blog posts about user experiences of migrating from wordpress to github, I realised it is exactly what I would like to do for my blog.

Basically github allows you to host your blog on the domain. A particular setup is required and once you set it up, you can basically write your posts in simple markdown (which is much easier to use in my opinion than wordpress) and once you are done, just do a git commit and then git push. And viola your post will be available on the domain. The blog url will be {github_account_name} It is pretty cool and you can even check locally how the posts look like with jekyll. This basically allows me to blog using just git and emacs without being bothered with account logins and google authentication for wordpress. Posting code is also so much easier. Absolutely perfect!!!

I followed the instructions on the below website to get this all up. This is the one which worked for me. A lot of blog posts out there were mentioning importing a plugin in wordpress and then going ahead, but, I really did not understand that. Probably there is some other way to use wordpress than how I was using it.