Configuring Mutt and Emacs with AUCTeX

Posted on February 7, 2015
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by Sanchayan Maity

Lately I have been very busy with my MS studies and finding it difficult to find time for anything else. One of the things I have had to do is submit one assignment atleast every week. It is expected that you turn in those assignments in PDF format and no, a shoddily word to PDF converted document doesn’t look anywhere professional. I had to pick up LaTeX quickly for the task and it is fucking awesome. I could never get formatting right whenever I had to use MS Word, though yes I never took the time to really learn it either, but, use of command specifiers kinda thingy to get what you want in LaTeX seems easy to me.

Now, having been using Emacs for the past few months, what better tool to use for churning out documents with LaTeX than Emacs and AUCTeX combo!

So, this link helped me get Emacs with AUCTeX running without any problem. In case you are not a fan of Emacs, have a look at Gummi. I did my first two assignments with it and it was damn simple to use. No clutter, simple and you see the preview on the side as you type. And in case you would like to use external packages for LaTeX in gummi, refer the below link.

I have also been using Mutt as my mail client for a while. Not having to use the mouse really makes working with stuff faster, be it Emacs or Mutt. These two links should make setting up Mutt easier for anybody.

Command line for the win!!!!!!! And thanks to both of the guys and Pamela Toman for their informative articles.