Implementing a MySQL Client

Posted on August 29, 2013
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by Sanchayan Maity

Lets say a situation comes where you have to access a MySQL Server running in some part of the world and for some reason the MySQL Client/Connector is not available for your platform (i am talking of embedded, just in case you are wondering) or though the source is available, trying to get it to compile cleanly for your platform is just too much of a f****** headache. Well, a much simpler way exists. Just implement the MySQL Client/Server protocol using the article below.

If I knew such a protocol document was available which gave details on how the MySQL Client and Server communicate with each other, I could have saved so much of my time and effort. Hope if anyone else out there needs a MySQL Client/Connector to communicate with the MySQL Server and if support is not available for his platform, this will be of help.

N.B. I hope it’s implicit that you need a TCP/IP connection and need to use socket programming.