PCB Design Fundamentals - A Design Guide

Posted on April 22, 2013
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by Sanchayan Maity

Recently I had the privilege to get some hands on training from one of the senior guys working at the Switzerland headquarters of our company. Till date, I had only learned about PCB design by reading books with a bit of experience coming from having dealt with PCB design vendors. It was very interesting to see the actual application of the principles I learned from someone very knowledgeable and experienced, first hand. The most interesting part of the training was the part where the concept of return paths was explained and how to take care of this while doing PCB design. It is something which I had not understood previously during my reading of books and application notes.

Rather than regurgitating what I learned and doing a shoddy job of it, I will just share the link to the design guide which my experienced colleagues have put out there for the benefit of customers of our company and others who might benefit from our products and work.


On the above link you will find a link to the Apalis Carrier Board Design Guide which you should read.